Sunday, May 23, 2010

Your daily news interesting with incredibly strange but true stories and Splash News

Our Blogger blog is a new journal with strange but true selected stories , we also including an entertainment blogged resource with daily Splash News .The Strange but true Youtube channel is our video linked here.
Blogger are seen at here also as a new "hot" blogging resource to get re-blog if needed. We will included a tool for help re-blog.

Our blog-journal will posted especially text story and full range of video and pictures , slideshows

"We are very proud of this strange but true story and splash news on blogger blog*spot blog and now in weekly listed for everyone reblog - project",

"The Strange but true and daily splash news blog" has maked quickly to build the interesting wiki-music , wiki-video celebrity and incredible lifestyle video channel in the online web for bloggers and beyond.

Get Strange but true posts and splash news full posts for Your Site ( our widget soon ) and don't forget to subscribe to our weekly stories list with true stories .

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