Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strange idea but true making : a death man and his BMW car tomb.

Memory to the death man or to his BMW car? 
A strange idea but true like drive forever...  a great work tomb for cemetry.

The family of a man love his car had a tomb built for a BMW with glossy pictures with the special number plate (photo-Eastnews).

According to the Telegraph paper, Steve Marsh went to the "parking" the last while sleeping on the back seat of a pickup truck roof ceiling. 

Manor Park Cemetery in east London (UK) has allowed construction on the grave as after discussion with the family of the deceased. Friends of the man's brief was "favored" add a penalty ticket on the car plate number "1 STEVE.

Although not everyone likes this tomb, but the cemetery management, which really is a "great work."
May be anyone would like to make an other incredible tomb ? your ideas ?
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