Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Man with biggest boobs in the world

The sexiest! man with biggest boobs in the world

China - Chinese doctors have uncovered cases of man boobs after the world's largest chest of this visit in Beijing.
Doctor Zhang Lilan, Jinan specialist chest hospital said: "He has very large breasts. Breasts interfere in the work as well as daily activities of these farmers. Getting anywhere, he also attracted the attention of everyone. They stared at and joking around. Even he had to wear a thick coat to cover the body even in hot weather. "

Mr. Guo Feng, 53, shared: "In about 10 years now, my chest started to develop,day by day, I have to wear a special cover. But this time, it hurts that I can not stand. I have to go to hospital for examination and see. "
"I've lost a lot of money for inspection and testing but no results. My chest was growing older. There are times, I think the doctors do not want help because they considered me as a strange medical phenomenon, "he said Gou.

Mr. Gou said if doctors did not help himself, he went surgery to remove breasts. But the doctors said they were not anything in the chest if not find the causes of the problem.

Lilan Doctor Zhang said: "In 30 years working on the chest specialist, I have not seen any cases like this."
Gaoyong Hong, director of Jinan Hospital, said: "We are suspicious he may have Gou eat something contaminated or contain contaminants but does not conclude until the test results blood.
Genetic characteristics are normal. We had x-rays but that is not cancer, can be caused by fat tissue". He may be the man with the biggest boobs in the world.( look at to a guiness count ! )

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