Monday, May 24, 2010

Hellboy is just in the movie,have you seen Hell-Girl true story in real life

"Hellboy" in real life "Hellgirl" have a "tail" 12cm long

Chinese doctors have made surgical for removal 12cm long tail behind a new born baby girl.

Mr. Hou, who lives in town Lixing, Anhui Province, eastern China, said his daughter was born four months. "After birth, the family was shocked when we saw the tail of the baby," Mr. Hou said.

Now she's the girl who said: "Upon hearing the news over the phone, I'm astonished and no longer believe in his ear again." 

According to Hou, the girl's tail has grown from 5cm to 12cm in diameter and 3 cm. Hou wanted his family removed soon after birth, but doctors have recommended waiting time for a new born baby is very weak and can not surgery.
At birth, Mr. Hou has checked on the tail of her daughter regularly in the hope it will shrink or go away then, but more and more it grows.

In Anhui province children's hospital, the doctors were surprised to see the tail of the girls. "It is a rare case, in millions of cases of birth. We have not seen ever, "said doctor Sun.

Copyright X-ray showed tail connected to a spinal tumor. "If we do not cut off his tail, the child may be listed as 2, 3 years old because tumor growth touching nerves." 

The surgery to remove 12cm long tail has been successful but is still too early to say that treatment or surgery is needed. "We hope that children will not be healthy and avoid another surgery later," Mr. Hou said.

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