Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Future Office XX Fashion program: Go To Work Naked all !

Go to work naked from now on ! ( may be ...near future officer ) 

The Naked Office : an idea for unite all officer.

Every morning, residents of London had to wash the eye by the scene four, all bar nun male subject, the province will cheerfully walking between subway station system the capital of England. They did not wear anything on the whole, are affordable only by the holding bag small enough good seat cover cover most of the body.

While the galaxy, who then opens her mouth, who then evaporated, the main character goes on serenely as if nothing happened. They are all models, are advertising for a television show called Naked Office.

This program will examine the work without trousers and staff works more efficiently or not.

The News quoted Sateven Suphi, an expert in the field of behavior change analysis: "For most British people, go to work naked is not an easy prospect at all. I believe this situation will help them become a close confident to the point that each strip can be together.

Hey! Take off to ... unite! ( Orange Newspaper reporting )

Those who go to work early in the subway in London (UK) has been "hospitality" hot screen nudity of a group of 4 persons including 2 male and 2 female. These passengers are special covers only on their bodies with the bags and briefcases (photo-Orange), self-confidence up and down the ship and conduct normal as everyone else in the eyes at all they had rushed to the surprise and curiosity.

Nobody can understand what is happening. A new fashion style handbag ? Orange newspaper reported, in fact this is the promotion of a new television series called "The Office nude" (The Naked Office). The program consists of six files pose problems if the do not wear anything out there to help the employee remove barriers in their relationship to be friendly, trusting each other and strengthen solidarity in the work than not.

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