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The 9 incredible stories about inheritance of the world

The 9 incredible stories of inheritance in the world
(Strange but true st) - Not a few lucky people who have suddenly received the hefty sum of money falls from the sky in accidental circumstances. Here are the incredible stories of inheritance in the world.

1. Extremely odd inheritance, distributed to 70 strangers selected at random from telephone directories.

Portuguese aristocrat Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara had to distribute livestock extremely odd. After his death, 70 peoples were informed that their inheritance received by Camara. They were randomly selected from telephone directories, the presence of two witnesses at a register office from 13 years earlier, ie in the year 1988. 

2. Two brothers inherited homeless than 100 million euros

Two brothers poor homeless has suddenly inherited a share in total assets worth $ 7 billions through a family relationship has been interrupted quite long. Geza Zsolt Peladi and poverty to which they have no home and must live in a cave in the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary. They earn every penny by selling waste materials collected on the street. Now they and a sister who lives in America has inherited huge wealth of 100 million euros (136 millions USD) of her grandmother.

"We knew my mother was born into a wealthy family but she is hard and has severed ties with family. Then she put us. We have lost contact with her and her father until she died ", Geza, 43, said.

The brothers have said they believe the inheritance story after staff from the charity of homeless in Hungary is to contact the lawyer handling the properties of late grandmother, who died in Wurttenberg-Baden, Germany.

3. The student inherits almost 1 billion euros from the doctor not seen for 10 years .

Sergey Sudev estate has enjoyed massive volume worth 950 million euros (1.3 billion dollars) from his uncle that he had not met for 10 years. But exactly Sudev has left a good impression with his uncle in a meeting between them decades ago, so that his uncle had lived in Germany immediately write wills leaving entire estate to Sudev.

The student did not know and continue to study journalism industry. One day, someone knocked on the door in his home town Komrat. The physician's assistant who has found Sudev to report information to inform his successor. Sudev was shocked and asked: "Do not joke?". Sudev amount of inheritance that became one of the richest men in Moldova, where the average income of people is 270 euros per month.
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4. Staff inherited your money

In 1992, Cara Wood is only 17 years old and serving staff in restaurants Drin's Colonial home in chagrin Falls town, 25km east to Cleveland. She is a good staff - Prompt, friendly and helpful people. Mr. Bill Cruxton, a customer satisfaction with service style to that of Wood to the restaurant when he asked her to serve.
He Cruxton, a widower without children, to the restaurant every day to enjoy food. They became friends after that. Apart from regular food service for Cruxton, she said Wood also help make the chores. The girl became so important to him Cruxton put her name on the staff will. Cruxton He died at age 82 months and left 11/1992 for Wood $ 500,000( a half of one million ) .

5. Inherit $ 40 millions after legal battle related to identify theft .

Eva Paole, a form of retirement protection in Argentina, had inherited $ 40 millions from his father after the legal battle lasted nine years.

A decade ago, Paole first heard rumors that she may be the daughter of Count Rufino Otero, who died in 1983 with his wife and child. Until then, Paole always thought she was his mother with her lover. The mother brought Josefa secret father of Paole grave. According to Eva, money is not all and most importantly, she finally discovered the real body of her. Results of DNA tests confirmed she was the daughter of landowner power died 25 years earlier.

Paole 6 weeks after initiation of legal procedures to gain right of inheritance, his tomb was excavated Otero and his body is replaced by the bodies of others. Authorities had to use her deceased mother's body earl Rufino Otero, Ms. Justina Porras, to demonstrate the relationship between Paole with Otero .

6. Inheritance of an island with a secret treasure .

Josh did not close with his grandfather and the fact that he only met him a few times during the 17 years. Conservative and outdated, said Samuel disagree daughter Susan's marriage to a pagan who loves his grandson but only one - Josh. Although I have not seen for many years until his death in 2007, Josh has inherited his estate, including the island is about 14 hectares and the area of 32 hectares.
But there is a surprise in the will is a list of information about antiques and jewelry are gems hidden in a vase on the island. No information about the treasure is hidden where the family trust that someday they will find it under the island.

7. The dog inherited $ 12 millions .

Billionaire real estate and hotels in New York, Mrs. Leona Helmsley, nicknamed the "Queen stingy", has left $ 12 millions for pet dog Trouble death. Trouble is lucky to get the name of the largest amount in the will of Mrs. Helmsley, more than some family members. Even two of four grandchildren do not receive a penny. The amount of inheritance is used to nourish Trouble and it was delivered to her brother, Alvin Rosenthal, who inherited $ 10 millions

8. Donated property for the many children born of women most .

Not only great success in the field of law and investment, financial expert Charles Vance Millar of Canada is also known for humor and often joked. The last joke is the most interesting and well made in his will.
In the first nine terms of his will, Mr. Millar wants to leave his property for the many children born woman 10 years after his death. Finally, four women with 9 children in Toronto have split most of the property's value 750.000 USD Millar, who received 125,000 each. Two other women have also claimed nine children but no clear evidence received 12.500USD.

9. Police donate $ 6 millions for homeless .

In 2000, a homeless man living on the streets of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia have fled when police saw the shadow. Tomas Martinez, 67, thought police to arrest him, the habit of drinking and drug use. Martinez had disappeared without a trace, making Bolivia the press called him "a millionaire without knowing their wealth." The amount of inheritance ( $6 millions )for his ex-wife is from Martinez Ines Gajardo Olivares. Ms. Olivares has not put blame her husband for a few years ago.

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