Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strange but true blogger ,how to turn your eyes blue ?

How to turn Your Eyes Blue?

This guy had his eyeball tattooed. Yes, you read right – He had his eyeball tattooed!
It took 40 injections of blue dye, into the Toronto mans eye with the result being quite obviously the eye whites being turned blue.

There are, however, good reasons for getting an eye tattoo. ( buzz...!)
If a person has suffered eye trauma – burning, laceration or bruising – scars can result, which a tattoo can cover. (!?!)

It can also help people with leucoma – an opaque blemish, usually white in color -and return the eye’s appearance to one of more normalcy.(!?!)

These pictures of the eye tattoo are a little gross, so look at your own risk.

Watching also a new wiki video remixer clip : Crazy and stupid tattoo ever seen, here're serial "Incredible Tattoos" , Cool ears tattoos., stupid face tattoo...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Virgin Tea Pickers is a strange way disturbing public opinion through the day.

Strange but true story of Virgin tea pickers

On 19th April 2011, limited liability companies with revenues, in the scenic mining Cuu Hoa Son, Henan Province, China, began to apply the new form of virgin tea pickers - a strange way disturbing public opinion through the day. ( stir virgin recruitment advertising ... picking tea - quoted below )

In essence, the new method of picking tea is quite subtle. The female employee will wear a chest of tea picked a small basket woven willow twigs, the bottom of the basket is fitted with a cloth bag, then use your mouth to pick tea leaves and put in each basket.

Earlier on 14th,April , the company has submitted : Cổ Thử company hiring tea pickers must be virgins, also is a standard measure 90cm round. Information posted has Chinese netizens extremely urgent.

But after that, company representatives have voiced Cổ Thử  and reason they give is because the tea culture. Tea is picked from the virgin girls, no mote will have a special flavor and more delicious, satisfying the increasing demand of customers.

Stir virgin recruitment advertising ... picking tea.

Recently, a company in Henan, China for posting recruitment extremely "cool": Recruitment female workers picking tea, virgin standard, a standard measure of round 90.

Immediately after the recruitment information is spreading, Chinese netizens have extremely urgent and express disagreement. Of course, the Cổ Thử company's representatives have come out to explain.

Employment information is strange, Ltd company with revenues, in the scenic mining Cuu Hoa Son, Henan Province, China.

Private recruitment notice posted on the official from 14th,April,2011 past, the main contents as follows: "For recruitment of female employees, good health, love life, purity, love tea culture; from within a standard 90 or more on the body without major scars due to injury ... pay 500 yuan. "

Immediately after information was published, China's television network hands and disturbing public opinion. Some suggested that these requirements are too strict on employers, even the nature of scrutiny to hire his wife rather than recruitment of workers employed.
"Not saying that is experienced on the job, but only touched on the sensitive part of it. It's fabulous. It violates individual rights, not the other contempt for others, "a comment on China's online newspaper.

Shortly thereafter, representatives of limited liability companies are forced to test his voice and the reason they give is because tea drinking culture. Tea is picked from the virgin girls, no mote will have a special flavor and more flavor. 

The company said it did not mean disregard for individual rights of others, merely the expectation that the premium tea products to meet the increasing needs of customers only.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Watch a real video clip strange but true "Baby Snake skin"

Baby Snake Skin video clip
Watching the strange but true blog with video clip "baby snake skin".

We do not comment on the video clip "baby snake skin '
Hey, this post is just for everyone to read the source and watch on blog " the strange but true" , a true views of the world.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Talking about a performance but incredible strange AirSex movement

Movement performance AIRSEX from Japan to Usa
Republish articles only strange play styles, we 're hard to believe but true's. The Strange but true daily news blog site is not intended or encouraged to spread this type of play-players. My readers and friend reading this article ...for in the know and keep your own thoughts to private thinking !
The Strange but True youtube video shows you part 1 airsex and the creator in Japan, Part 2 shows Airsex in Usa a strange but true Alamo competition.

"We have had no idea what we were in for..." in the video clip of the Alamo airsex contest , say that!
The first full on Air Sex competition held at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.

Air sex is a performance activity invented in Japan; clothed men simulate sexual activity with an invisible partner, often in an exaggerated manner, set to music, and in a competition before an audience.
This is somewhat akin to playing air guitar, explaining? the name.

The creator, J-Taro Sugisaku, says that it was invented in Tokyo in 2006 by a group of bored men without girlfriends. The reigning “world champion” in air sex goes by the name of Cobra.